Have you ever thought of throwing birthday parties for your kids, friends or families? You have come to the right place. At Lear Events Center, we offer special halls that are suitable for hosting birthday parties for children, teens as well as adults.

We are located in Bakersfield in a serene and secure environment where we provide a venue for you to host your birthday parties. Our venue is suited in the heart of the city in a place where the atmosphere is lovely and appealing.

We do understand that birthday parties are best enjoyed together in special place of interest shared between the celebrants and the guests; hence we ensure that we provide you with halls that are the perfect match to meet up your expectations. For this reason, we try to involve you in the selection of the right hall suitable for your birthday party. This is necessary to ensure that you get a successful and fulfilled birthday party.

We provide halls with excellent dance floors that can accommodate up to 200 dancers as well an intimate gathering for 100. The hall can be decorated to suit the kind of party that you wish to organize.

All our halls have air conditioners installed. Also, we provide restrooms that are fitted with the best facilities to provide real comfort and convenience for your guests.

At Lear Events Center, we are capable of hosting any kind of birthday party. We work very hard to ensure you get the best birthday party experience by creating the right environment for your party. We have a standby generator to ensure you experience an uninterrupted power supply throughout your party.

The process involved in booking halls for your birthday party is very easy and stress-free. You can do that even from the comfort of your home. Our staffs are always ready to handle your inquiries.